Critical Acclaim


David Williams is an awesome entrepreneur – and contributor to His popular weekly posts are an inspirational toolbox for leaders grappling with the challenges of getting the most out their employees and delivering great service to customers. It’s a kick to revisit some of his best writing from in the 7 Non Negotiables.

Managing Editor

Tom Post


I first met David in the gym, not in the boardroom. We had recently accepted new roles in our respective organizations, and were in search of the best ideas and inspiration to guide us on our new journeys. You can call our chance meeting serendipity or luck, but many years later, we simply call each other friends. His visible intensity and search for excellence were the traits that originally caught my eye, but it was his humanity and willingness to give of himself that touched my heart. A champion is never measured by the number of times they hit the canvas, but whether they have the strength of will to get up and continue the contest. David always stands up, and does so with such dignity and grace, that he serves as an inspiration to all around him. I count myself among those blessed individuals who have become better versions of themselves because they have known David Williams.

President and CEO

Brad Smith

Zions Bank

In his book ‘The 7 Non-Negotiables of Winning’ David Williams has convincingly presented principles that are core to both business and personal success. This book is masterfully written and is a must-read for executives and managers alike.

President and CEO

Scott Anderson

Utah Valley University

David Williams is a dynamic leader who understands that the competitive edge in a business these days is how you deal with people. In other words, the principles he advocates are not only broad and inspiring ideals of human goodness and decency, they are keys to lasting success in the market place.


Matthew Holland


David’s book reinforces the need for all of us to treat others as we would like to be treated. Through relevant storytelling he is able to weave the importance of honesty and integrity into personal conduct. In seldom seen fashion this book will help one self-evaluate both business and personal behavior and encourage positive changes.

President and CEO

Matt Peterson

Think Atomic

Rarely do you come across a business leader who literally wills his company into existence and then shares it freely with those he has led to success. David’s prize is his "company family" that he has created and surrounds himself with. To know him, all one must do, is to experience the love and respect that so freely flows to him from his employees. To me, this is how a businessman should be measured.

Chief Executive Officer

Ralph Yarro

O.C. Tanner Company

I was drawn to Fishbowl by one of David's blog posts in Harvard Business Review. I had to meet these people. The minute you step into the Fishbowl office, you feel something very different. From the first random employees we met to our initial meeting with David, that difference was consistent. And now I know what it is we felt: Respect, Belief, Trust, Loyalty, Commitment, Courage and Gratitude. Everyone we met that day exuded the 7 Non-Negotiables. So it’s no wonder Fishbowl is as wildly successful as it is.

Director, Communications

Ed Bagley


Whether you are starting a company or an executive of a Fortune 100 company, David walks you through the 7 "Non-Negotiables" that will help you build a lasting company that cultivates world-class talent and achieves extraordinary results.

Vice President of Marketing

Burke Alder

Ascent Advisor

The 7NNs is a must read book for executives and managers trying to get the best from, and for, their employees. This is a poignant and powerful collection of insights from one of the great business and people leaders on what it takes to become a better CEO, manager, employee, father, or friend.

Director of Operations

Peter Wride

The Woodard Consulting Group

To be “inside the bowl” (inside the offices of Fishbowl) is the best kind of culture shock – an experience in camaraderie, zeal, professional hospitality and…even joy. I believe the 7 Non-Negotiables are the basis of this incredible and highly productive culture Fishbowl enjoys – a positive philosophy that impacts its employees, partners, and customers in powerful ways. A great company must treat everyone with whom it does business with respect, trust, loyalty, commitment and gratitude – and the company itself must have the courage to take bold steps to propel itself forward. I see all of this happening at Fishbowl under the leadership of David Williams. It is truly refreshing.

Chief Executive Officer

Joe Woodard


The 7 Non-Negotiables of Winning brings together many practical ideas one should consider when looking at organizational design and the interaction of a team. Building trust, showing loyalty and commitment and highlighting the achievement of others through gratitude are all elements a great leader needs to master. This book reminds that our personal interactions with those around us can turn something ordinary into something great. We must encourage and promote what is possible. It is only through these positive interactions with others that difficult and great things can be accomplished.

Executive Vice President

Jim Holm