Vision Statement:
Hold nothing back and work like this is your last job.

First Pass – Write down the first thought that comes to mind.

Thought Question

How do you define yourself and how do others define you?

I’ve worked too hard to quit now ~ Michael Jordan


Write your commitment on your heart so that it becomes a lasting petroglyph and a navigational tool that can help you find your True North in times when the storms and winds of life threaten to blow you down. Keep in mind that most of the time, winds are just hot air and that there is calm above the cloud. The 7NNs help you to rise above the wind, noise, and confusion.

Discipline and Commitment are vital components of success in all aspects of life, both professionally and personally. Small hurdles can lead to feelings of inadequacy when confronting the bigger picture, and can hinder one’s ability not only to fully commit but also to progress and take on newer and potentially more exciting opportunities. Finding ways to overcome the small hurdles can benefit everyone in their individual goals, their interpersonal communications, and their successful work within or as leader of a group.

We’ve all read stories about how disengaged and “clocked out” workers are becoming. Here are a few guidelines to help you improve your level of commitment:

1. Focus the majority of your time and energy on what uplifts and inspires you.

Motivational speaker Chad Hymas recommends that we spend only 1% of our time focusing on our weaknesses or disabilities.

Sometimes we think that happiness will be found at the next job or with the next boss, instead of focusing our time on developing our skills to grow where we are currently planted. Stop thinking about what you cannot immediately change and start doing your best today. It’s not fun sitting on the bench and watching the time clock of your life just tick away. Instead of disengaging every time the going gets challenging, let’s remember when we were young and we yearned to get in the game; when our hearts and eyes pled, “Put me in, coach,” and nothing mattered more than getting into the game and playing with the team.

2. Don’t be afraid to appreciate the gift of hard work.

Masters don’t rigidly clock out at 5pm because they are so intensively focused on what they’re working on. They often forget to sleep, eat, or drink. Their inner intensity (soul) drives them to push harder and work harder than their contemporaries, and they also eventually find a way to incorporate breathing space and time away from work into their lives. My grandfather worked hard on the farm every day, rain or shine, and he found something in his work each and every day to fully appreciate.

We recommend starting each day by writing down what you are grateful for. Even when you discover your life purpose and calling, you will still have hard days.

The secret is not to give up. Many of our grandfathers lost their crops over and over; they didn’t whine, blame, or complain. They just replanted.

3. Make a commitment to spend time every day discovering what your true purpose is.

Michelangelo said, “Every block of stone has a statue inside it, and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.” You are the sculptor of your life. We believe that everyone has a work calling; something they are born to contribute to this world. Every gift is noble. No one gift is more important than another. Make the time to discover the gifts within you that are uniquely yours.

We believe that most people have the desire to contribute more fully and would do so if they could discover a meaningful reason to actively participate at work.

Sometimes we are unaware that we have begun to function on “auto-pilot,” which can be considered checked out; meaning we have not fully engaged our mind, heart, and hands in our work.

Self-Paced Learning Exercise

We all need a wakeup call from time to time. Here are three simple questions to help you determine if you are an active participant in the game or just going through the motions:

  1. Do you look forward to the start of each day as an opportunity to learn, create, and serve at work?
  2. Do you seek out opportunities to contribute beyond your basic job description?
  3. Do you complete the workday with a sense of contentment, knowing that you gave it your all and now you can rest, reflect, recharge, refuel, and look forward to doing it all over again the following day?

Second Pass – Write down the first thought that comes to mind.

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Getting the Most Out of This program

The theme of this training program was inspired by a quote from Nelson Mandela. Keep it in mind as you make your way through the exercises.

“There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.”

Learn to appreciate and respect the life that is uniquely yours and continue to develop and grow each day by remaining open to new possibilities.

The 7 Pathways Pre-Assessment and Post Reviews Exercises

We have included a pre- and post-assessment for each respective pathway:

  1. Read the corresponding chapter in The 7 Non-Negotiables of Winning.
  2. Write down the first thought that comes to mind when you read the vision statement for each pathway found on the website.
  3. Complete the exercises included for each of the 7NNs.
  4. Return here and once again write out the first thought that comes to mind.
  5. Discover how far you have come and chart another course for future growth and development.
  6. With the newfound knowledge, complete the thought question.

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